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Jenny from Dinner a Love Story called on us in her hour of need: “Picky eating I can handle — picky dressing is another thing altogether. Can anyone suggest good sources/brands for girls’ clothes that are not overly girly? Dealbreakers: ruffles, pleats, any kind of decorative trim, button-downs, high price tags. (Momfilter – why oh why are you on vacation in my hour of need?)”

Hope we’re on the right track…our first thought–the uniform section of the usual suspects, often has the simple cuts and colors that are very appealing…that is, if you’re kids don’t have to wear uniforms to school.

This is a dress from Gap, in their uniform section. They have a ton of great pants too, in black, navy, and khaki, in lots of different cuts.

This dress from Lands End is on sale for $30, and could be a three, if not four season dress.

These uniform pants from Old Navy are just $14! We also love their skinny jeans, which often go on sale 2 for $20 (see top picture).

Love these knit vests from Old Navy.

We’re big fans of  shorts, worn with tights through fall and mild winter days. These from Lands End are just $15.

And these microfiber tights from Lands End, for $10, in bright colors, or neutrals, are comfy, last forever, and don’t sag at the knees.


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  1. I got one of those Old Navy vests (in grey) and they are FANTASTIC — I got it a size up from my daughter’s normal size so it wouldn’t be too clingy — I think it is going to be brilliant at keeping fall/winter chill away while avoiding the bulk of a cardigan, which she hates wearing under jackets and whatnot. (she gets cold easily)

    I’m WAAAAAY into the vest idea now!

  2. Posted by: Heija

    Hi Jenny,

    Depending on your daughter’s build and tolerance for “different.” You might try shopping in the boy’s department. I still take a lap with my 8 year old daughter Sistafoo, after discovering when she was a toddler that boy’s pants offered her a better fit. The beauty of this strategy is the ability to take advantage of sales on cool items that end up on clearance because they were just a little too fashion forward for the moment (see: too soon). Beyond that, I second other recommendations for Land’s End, fabulous sales! I prefer to shop in person at my local Sears as I am too impatient for mail order. I also have great luck at Target and Old Navy, but I shop frequently and dig deep for the cool things. Lately I have also been able to venture into the Juniors and Women’s dept for my tall daughter–it’s a whole new worlld! She can’t wait to wear her cool new striped blazer and teal dress from Target…en francais! As she gets older her resolve against fashion continues to weaken, unfortunately with it comes stronger opinions and longer discussions. Hopefully you’ll find a sweet spot soon. Happy shopping!

  3. I never look at the uniform section. But that dress… I *get* it, look look look! thanks!

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