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One of the things we found most time consuming about Instagram when we first started doing it, was how to find the inspiring people to follow…for as magical and connecting as it can be (that’s another story), it can also be very clunky and non-intuitive with its search box. So, we thought that we share some of our finds here with you, since we’ve already done the work. We’re sure you have some suggestions and we’d love to hear them…we plan to post our new finds (and in other categories like food, flowers, and travel) regularly.

@lisarubisch (above)

slide amy grace


our open road



























(not to be self-promotional, but if you want to follow me and Pilar, here we are:)

momfilter insta


pg insta


yo insta




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  1. Oh I love all of these suggestions! I kept saying that I wanted to reduce the number of people I follow on Instagram because it was getting overwhelming… but now I have no choice but to start following all these new people! So many inspiring mamas. Thanks for this list. x

  2. Posted by: Katie

    This is great:) I already follow a couple of those. I’ll have to check some of the others too. A few that would like to suggest for this category are @kristinrogers, @beautysupreme, @outtoplay, and @ayanah. And I’m not so bad either;) @katiekronbauer

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  5. One I love: Girls Gone Child. Her family is adorable and she post the best photos!


  7. Posted by: James

    Please check out @osahju.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      love it. your pics are great and would be so perfect for our momfilter picture of the day on our homepage. if you’re into that idea (we link back to you so anyone who likes the pic can be in direct contact with you) email us ( some images, and titles to them (if you have them!). our dimensions are horizontal and i can size them but they ultimately need to be 550×380 pixels. thanks!!! yolanda

  8. Posted by: cortney

    i’m always looking for new feeds to follow! the more the merrier. i’ll totally be checking some of these out. thanks.


    @becool_mom on instagram

  9. Posted by: Jenny

    THANK you!!! Always so helpful! :-)

  10. Thanks for so many great tips! I love the Babyccino girls’ instagrams, especially @courtneybabyccino. Also @em_henderson and @hellobeedotcom.
    And mine: @mina_minipiccolini 😉

  11. This is a fantastic list. I love looking at my instagram feed and being transported all over the world. For a glance into an NYC mom’s life, check out mine @globetrottingmommy

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