Alyson and Ruby Jamming
Alyson is a touring musician who has taken her two kids, Ruby and Lake, all over the world on tour. She calls it "road schooling". This lifestyle is aided by her husband who is also in her band and completely supportive of her choices. Even with what most would consider to be an equal and supportive partner, Alyson notes the discrepancies in childcare among the genders. "In a traditional pairing, if the male feels as though he’s fairly doing half the work, child care and shouldering half the responsibility, he’s doing about quarter of what he should be doing," she says. "It actually begins at the moment of conception, when the woman  physically commits to creating an entire human being inside her body for almost a whole year. Add to that the months and years she spends breast feeding, the hormonal changes, the loss of muscle tone, dewy youth and physical identity, the new fears, vulnerability and exhaustion and then any man who says indignantly, 'Hey!  I watched the kids for three weeks while you were recording,' can blow me." Photographer Ali Smith has spent the past eight years exploring the reality of how women live their lives as mothers in modern western society. Her resulting project, entitled Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives, explores the varying degrees of support that mothers receive from partners, lawmakers, employers, and each other. Momma Love is not only about the love a mother shows; it’s about the love she is shown, by herself and the world around her.
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