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best boulliabaisse

Our friend Liana makes this bouillabaisse, and it’s so good…and now it’s in our rotation. Here’s the recipe:

Saute garlic and a Vidalia onion in olive oil. Add a can of crushed Italian plum tomatoes into the garlic and onion.  Add white wine— approx a cup or more if you like. If you have some fennel on hand, it can be nice to chop that up and put it in when add the onion.

Make sure you have some fish stock on hand–best if it’s made beforehand. (Buy some fish heads, or a whole fish, and make stock with them). You’re going to want to have at least 2 quarts on hand. Add into the tomato sauce.

Add chunks of fish like cod, shrimp, chopped squid, scallops, clams, mussels.
Add a little thyme and a little chili pepper can also be good.  At the end if you want to add parsley (Italian) also nice….

Adjust for salt and pepper.

As for cooking time–cook for about an hour. But it just gets better and better as it simmers away. And even better on day 2.


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