This is a quick DIY fashion project to make use of any old fabrics, gift ribbons, and those odd buttons and beads floating around in your sewing kit or craft drawers.


Ribbon or strip of fabric (at least 20” long, and not more than 1” wide)

Masking tape or a blunt needle with a large eye, scissors

Little bits of fabric and ribbons (2-3” long)

Chunky beads and buttons with large holes

AGES  5 and up

TIME 20 minutes


Start with a long strip of fabric or ribbon as the base of your necklace; we recycled a beautiful turquoise shirt that had been stained on one side, and repurposed gift ribbons from a recent birthday party. Then, you’ll also want to have lots of beads, buttons, sparkles, and what-not to add to your necklace. Just make sure these have holes that are large enough to thread onto the ribbon. Then, cut smaller pieces of fabric, ribbon or yarn to tie around the necklace as embellishments. Use whatever scraps you have around.

Then plan out your design and get to work! If you have a blunt needle with a large eye—great!—you can use this to thread the long ribbon and add the beads. However, a good solution for making a ‘point’ for threading is to simply roll a bit of asking tape tightly around the end of the ribbon or fabric. To make the necklace, add the beads and buttons first, then tie on the soft bits wherever you like. Fill it up and make it festive!

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