I’m a huge fan of the artist Ann Wood, and was looking at her blog recently, where I discovered the most stunning cardboard castle. Although I knew I couldn’t come close to her masterpiece, I figured the kids and I could have fun trying. Being a bit of a control freak I had to do a little deep breathing as my kids tore into the supplies and immediately wanted to color on the cardboard with (gasp) magic markers! We agreed on a slightly more purist compromise: we could all glue things to the large castle but would try to keep it marker free. Then the boys each did a small out building that they got to art direct all on their own. We all loved the outcome, and I loved that they were occupied for two whole afternoons on the project. By the way, this is one idea that really benefits from a glue gun—you avoid the messy drips of regular white glue and the hot glue sets quickly so you do not have to hold it for a long time at all to get it to stick. The kids think the glue gun is an exciting power tool but do be careful—it’s really hot, so little kids probably shouldn’t touch it at all.

From Amy’s fantastic new blog, Eclectic Mom


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  1. Posted by: Maia

    So sweet! I love this.

  2. Posted by: stephanie

    i like yours better because it looks family made. fantastic. =)

  3. Posted by: marija

    Wonderfully, creative.A great idea for the kids, thank you.

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