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Slime is a fantastic crowd-pleaser for any age. There are a few different recipes, but here’s the most basic. The key ingredient is Borax, a powder laundry additive that can be found at most grocery, hardware, or big drug stores. Here, we made a silly-putty inspired version by packaging small batches of slime in colorful plastic eggs. Ta-da – silly slime!



White school glue

Warm water, cups, stir sticks… and definitely paper towels

Optional: food coloring (or egg dye), plastic eggs

Age: Any age child can enjoy this bit of kitchen chemistry

Time: 10 minutes

Project Steps:

Heap a couple spoonfuls of Borax into a jar or measuring cup. Add about a cup of warm water. Stir until mixed (the solution will be super saturated). Fill a small cup with about a half an inch of glue. To make colored slime, add a drop of food coloring and stir well.

Now for the magic: Slowly pour Borax solution into the glue (you will need about half as much Borax solution as glue). Stir quickly until ingredients are incorporated. The slime will start to form and pull away from the sides of the cup and ball up on the end of the stir stick. If you store your slime in a Zip-loc bag or plastic egg, it will last a few days.

Slime can be mixed in large batches too – a big mess can be much more fun than a little mess!

Have on hand for next Friday’s project:

Next week we’re taking a leap and tackling simple electronics with our own version of hex bugs, great for older children (7+). The website Electronic Goldmine is an excellent resource for all things electronic. You can buy components in small quantities and it’s very inexpensive. For the little bugs, you’ll need a vibrating pager motor, coin battery and LED. You’ll also need a cork (from a bottle), masking tape and a small bit of wire (I favor uncoated florist wire). You can use scraps of anything crafty to add character to your bug. A craft knife and hot glue gun are very helpful (for grown-ups only).

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Comments (2)


  1. Posted by: Jen

    Great play date idea!

  2. Posted by: Jennifer

    Borax is lethal in small doses in small children. I do not recommend this. My son ate some of this slime/putty and it’s not good. He has thrown up and poison control said to watch for serious signs of poisoning. Look up Borax poisoning! This is a horrible feeling as mother. I made this to have fun with my son and it ended up a horrible nightmare! It only takes one second and it can happen under the strictest supervision. It is not worth the risk. Less than 1tsp is all it takes to kill a small child or pet. :(

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