It’s April and we’re spring cleaning!

Start with the nooks and crannies – the bottom of your toy bins and the back of your junk drawers. If you’re brave, lift the sofa cushions and peek under the beds. Any mini odds and ends are perfect for this project. The best items? All those plastic bits and baubles you loathe in party favor bags – we’re putting them to use!

Now move on to the dresser drawers. Admittedly, throwing out the wooly, pilled, holy-kneed, toe-stained, stretched-out winter tights and socks is the ultimate wardrobe declaration that warmer weather has arrived. But before tossing, snip the legs into stretchy rings of fabric, about ¼” wide.


Mini odds and ends of all types

Stretchy fabric loops: Use tights or pot-holder weaving loops found at any craft or toy store

Shortcut: Instead of fabric loops, use a hair scrunchie with an open weave (and skip to “Part 2”)

Ages: from 4 on up

Time: 15 minutes if you use a scrunchie or 45 minutes if you are making your own bracelet

Part 1: Weaving the Bracelet

The first step of this project is creating the bracelet with a simple finger weaving. This is a great project on its own too, and instructions are included in any bag of weaving loops. First, place a loop around your pointer finger; twist it once and loop this section over the middle finger; twist again and loop around the ring finger; twist a final time and loop around the pinky. Repeat with a second loop. Now, starting at the back of the hand, pull the bottom bit of loop up and over the pointer finger, releasing it. Repeat this with the other fingers. Now, add another loop across your four fingers and, again, pull the bottom loop up and over each finger. Continue the weaving until you have 6-8 inches in length, enough to fit around a wrist. To tie the ends together, thread a stretchy bit through the last loops on your fingers. Remove from your hand and continue threading through the other end of the weaving, tying it securely to form a bracelet.

Part 2 – Adding your Style!

Use bits of fabric loops or pieces of pipe-cleaners to attach all your bits of flair. Or, use the simple elasticity of the loops to tuck your items into the bracelet. Try theme bracelets (ex: mini-tape dispensers, binder clips, mini-highlighters or nubby pencils for avid writers or mini-animals, insects and amphibians for nature lovers).

Prep for next week’s Curious Jane project:

Small to medium size box (shoe box, priority mail box, etc.), magazines for collage, scissors and glue (rubber cement is my glue of choice when working with paper), and toy cars.


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