After returning from a STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) night at my kids’ school, my eight-year-old asked repeatedly if she could make her own lava lamp. It was one of the few projects she didn’t get to while we were there. So we did a little research, went to the pantry, pulled out a few items, and made our own.

Here’s what you’ll need:
jar with lid
food coloring
vegetable oil
table salt

Step 1: Pour water into jar. But do not fill completely. Leave about two inches of space from the top.

Step 2: Add food coloring

Step 3: Fill remainder of jar with oil.

Step 4: Add five to six teaspoons of salt. The salt causes the oil to sink down to the bottom of the jar. As the salt dissolves, the oil rises.

Step 5: Cap. Shake the jar to make your lava lamp go!

From Classic Play


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  2. Posted by: Trish Mai

    awsome job i did this for my scitesh science experiment for peac and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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