I came home to an advent garland made by my kids from folded pieces of paper hole-punched and stapled in the center. The two compartments, one for each kid, holds a single piece of leftover Halloween candy. The kids decorated each one, which they loved. It’s not too late to do an advent calendar if you already haven’t!

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  1. Posted by: TrishO

    I think this is the sweetest DIY advent I have seen. I love the garland idea and how well designed but I really love the use of Halloween candy. One thing I have never liked about all those fancy DIY advent calendars is the need to to,get all those little junky gift thing. Expensive x2 and I don’t want that junk in the house. Love love love this.

  2. Posted by: Torrey

    This is beyond cute and the BEST use of Halloween candy ever. Only trick will be how I get myself to remember this for next year and have the kids set aside their candy for it.

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