We really really like it when restaurants hand Wikki Stix to your kid when you walk in the door. Why don’t all kid-friendly or -unfriendly restaurants (because isn’t it in everyone’s best interest to keep kids quiet–a small packet of Wikki Stix will buy you at least 15 minutes of absolute kid silence)? Or, you can buy the packets in bulk and always keep a few in your bag. I’ve seen kids as young as 3  and as old as 12 be entertained by these moldable sticks.


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  1. Posted by: Andrea

    I remember you guys writing about these in COOKIE, too. I definitely love the idea of busting them out only at a restaurant.

  2. Posted by: Gigi Schwartz

    what a great idea and perfect timing. I’m going to buy some and give it to them when we go out for Mother’s day lunch.

  3. Posted by: Becky

    Are these similar to Bendaroos? We have tons of those around the house and my kids love them. I will definitely toss some into my purse the next time we go out to eat. Even my 11 year old still likes to play with them. Of course the only problem is remembering to get them back out of the car! All that wax would be a mighty big mess on a hot day!

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