Contributor Juliana Sohn emailed us this picture of a warthog that she made for her son’s kindergarten play. She is so not the mom who normally makes these kind of things (or brags about it!), so we will do that for her, and look at this as inspiration to all of us who think we aren’t capable in this way.

“When my son’s kindergarten teacher asked me to make a warthog costume for the kindergarten play, I thought, sure! no problem. But then she sent me some pictures of Timon from the Lion King as reference and I started stressing, wondering if I was going to be able to deliver. I put it off for a few weeks, too intimidated to start. Then one weekend I just dove in and started making the head. Was harder and easier than I had anticipated. I used foam sheets, wire, a glue gun, and used up 2 whole bags of glue sticks! The hardest part were the tusks, trying to figure out how to make them curve. I almost never toot my own horn but I was so proud of myself for making this costume. It will be onstage for at most 30 seconds and my son isn’t even the one wearing it! My son’s teacher, Ms. Kilbane, is an extraordinary teacher. Every year the whole school marvels at how she mounts the most spectacular Egyptian musical, coaxing amazing performances from 5 and 6 year olds. She sets high expectations, then nurtures and supports the children to do their best. and boy do they deliver!

p.s: the god set turns into a black pig (warthog) and fights horus, spitting fire. Hence the spray of red and yellow tinsel.”


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  1. Posted by: lauren r

    This is amazing!! Is there any way to get more detailed instructions on how to make this??
    Thanks so much!

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      you should contact juliana directly–look her up

  2. My grand daughter is in a school play next month and we are stressed about her costume, yes warthog and viewed your costume, amazing! Can you give us instructions on how you managed to get this awesome costume together! Thank you

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      hi! you should contact juliana directly–her email is on
      best of luck!!

  3. Posted by: Stephanie

    Hi I am hoping to contact Juliana but the email doesn’t seem to be valid?

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