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Spotted this idea in a crafty book and made a simple version with the girls. So fun! Great starter-sewing project. Perfect holiday gift for mom. And useful to block out the early morning light on weekends. Use fabric scraps or felt for the front and back, and, if you like, add a little stuffing to keep it comfy. We used the fluff from a necklace box; it’s easy to cut to shape and you can use the box for gifting.


Felt and fabric scraps

About 12” of elastic (we doubled ours)

A bit of fluff for stuffing (optional)

Stiff paper cut to desired shape (to use for pattern)

Scissors and embroidery thread

Stick pins or safety pins (safety pin won’t poke little hands while they sew)

Needle (a sharp needle goes through fabric easier, but a blunt tip is best for young sewers—if you use a blunt tip needle, just make sure your fabric has a more open weave, easier to sew)

Crafty bits for sew-on decoration

Ages 8+ on their own, ages 6 and up with a blunt-tip needle and grown-up help

Time 30-45 minutes

Project steps

Rough-cut your desired eye mask shape from a piece of cardstock and size by holding it up to your face. Make sure there is a space for the nose, and that the mask is big enough to keep light out on all sides. This will be your pattern. Choose the material for the front and back of your eye mask; pick something soft to for the back and fun and colorful for the front. Lay the fabrics flat and carefully trace your pattern onto each, then cut. Also, cut a length of elastic that will fit snuggly but comfortably from ear to ear. Now you have all your pieces ready to go.

If you are sewing on any patterns or decorations to the front, do this first so that the threads will be neatly tucked inside. Then, line up the front and back pieces and carefully pin together using straight pins or safety pins. Thread your needle with a fun color and knot the end. Start at one side and tuck the elastic between the two pieces of fabric so that you can secure this in place as you begin to sew. Give this area a few extra stitches to make sure the elastic has a nice anchor. Then, sew around the edges using any stitch you like (we tried two, see the final photo). At the other side, secure the loose ends of the elastic in place, making sure they aren’t twisted.


If you are adding a bit of stuffing, sew ¾ of the way around and then tuck the fluff up into the eye mask, then finish sewing. Finally, please make sure to remove any pins before trying on your eye mask. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift with some other spa items.

Curious Jane, founded by contributor Samantha Razook Murphy, offers project-based after-school programs and summer camps, revolving around creativity in the arts and sciences.


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