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So here comes Easter. Yup, and this is the part I really, really love about it (don’t judge me too harshly)- the egg dyeing.  I just love all the colors and the simplicity of those little color tablets from Paas. But this year Martha came out with that super cute Egg Dyeing App and I discovered the option of mixing your own colors with food coloring. Good to know of another reason to use food coloring for other than making crazy colors of buttercream frosting for birthday parties. Makes me feel a little better about the collection of colors I have.

Some tips in a nut shell:

1.Wipe the eggs with white vinegar before you dip them in the dyes, it helps the color go on more evenly.

2. Mix 1 cup of hot water, 1 tsp of white vinegar and then whatever the number of drops the color wheel suggests to achieve the shades you like.  For instance, I chose to do the darker hues so to make yellow, which was 20 drops of yellow left in for 15 minutes, orange = 17 drops of yellow + 3 drops of red for 12 minutes, violet= 15 blue+ 5 red for 7 minutes and so on…To be honest, I tried to do some based on the chart but then I just got sloppy and guessed and well, they still look pretty.  Not perfect. But pretty.  And that works for me.

Another idea was to use office supplies to help create patterns. I used those little circle page reinforcement stickers and also rubberbands.

Split toning (above) is also a nice technique.

All easy enough for a 3 year old but fun enough for any age. And organizing them in their box is fun too. Deviled egg recipes to come…

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  1. Posted by: Tina

    Getting ready to dye ours tonight. Love the little stickers and rubber band idea!

  2. Posted by: Sharon

    Every year I swear we are going to try new and inventive ways to dye the eggs, and every year (including this one) I just fall back on Paas to get the job done. The kids are so delighted regardless!

  3. YES!! Paas! It really is the best, in my opinion — whenever I stray from my beloved Paas, I regret it. The circle sticker thingy is such a clever idea!!

  4. I have the fondest memories of dying eggs. My mom would draw faces on them, and then each of them became somebody. I not only hid and hunted them, I played with them like they were little dolls.

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