This project was inspired by a quick drawbridge project we use to illustrate ‘tension’ in our buildings class. When I started to play with the materials, it transformed into this cereal box castle with the drawbridge rope doubling as a handle for closing and carrying.


2 cereal or cracker boxes

Colored tapes (duct tapes, masking tapes) if available

Scissors, hole punch

Yarn or string (about 1 yard)

Ages: Any age child can make these with a little grown-up help. Children 7 and older can make them on their own.

Time: 20minutes + time for play!

Project steps

Cut the top flaps off of one box. Cut down each side of the front so that it folds down like a drawbridge. Punch a hole in the top left and right corners of the front and back of the box. Feed the yarn through the back hole to the front and then back through the other set of holes. Tie the ends together, leaving enough slack so that the front can open fully.

Cut the front and back from the other box. To create the turrets, cut a pattern along one long side of each piece. Wrap each into a cylinder and tape along the seam. Use colorful tape, paints, or colored paper to decorate the turrets and bridge.


Decorate the inside of your drawbridge to add detail. To close and carry your castle, just pull up on the yarn and go.

Have on hand for next Friday’s project:

Small wooden dowels or those handy bamboo skewers from the grocery store

Colored craft foam and / or construction paper, crafty bits.

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