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Pilar’s post about collecting vintage Hardy Boys books inspired me to seek out stories of my favorite childhood detective, Trixie Belden. Score! I found a bunch on eBay and Etsy featuring this scrappy 13-year-old amateur sleuth and her trusty Bob-Whites of the Glen crew. 

If you have a middle grade reader, they may find Trixie as appealing as I did. (In fact, I far preferred her to Nancy Drew.)

You can also pick up copies on Amazon from when Random House briefly re-released the first handful of Trixie’s tales. Here’s The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden #1) and The Red Trailer Mystery (Trixie Belden #2). The ultimate mystery is whether Random House will ever do anything else with this cool heroine. Here’s hoping.

Andrea Pyros writes often about parenting for publications including Mint, LearnVest and Sesame Street Family. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and is the mother to two children, one of whom has food allergies and the other of whom refuses to eat eggs even though he can. 


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  1. Posted by: Sadie

    Trixie is the best! 100 times better than Nancy Drew. I have my mom’s old collection from her childhood. I enjoy reading them myself from time to time– I think they have a lovely world with realistic family and friend relationships, flawed but good people, a strong sense of community, and meaningful development of independence. Plus, picnic baskets full of fried chicken.

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    That is so nice that your mom held on to her collection. I bet they are lovely to look at, too.

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