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My friend Becky turned me onto the book Suzuki Beane. I think I had mentioned to her how Harriet the Spy was one of the most influential books of my life, and Louise Fitzhugh, the author, was the illustrator of Suzuki Beane. It’s one of those books that you should just know about, in case you happen to see it at some garage sale, as it is nearly impossible to find. It’s also outrageously expensive (the cheapest I could find online was $75 on alibris). Written in 1961, it really is a kind of bad-ass version of Eloise, where Suzuki grows up on Bleecker Street, and wants to run away from home. I’m in love with the voice, the illustrations, the typewritten words—and all the dashes.


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  1. Oh YEAH, we are definitely going to have to be on the lookout for that over at Julia’s Bookbag!!! Love it, the type is so old school!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Posted by: Norah

    I loved this book when I was little. My grandparents had a copy of it in their bookshelf and I used to read it whenever I went to visit them. I haven’t seen it in about 35 years! I remember that on the last page there was a drawing of Suzuki and Henry, pictured from behind as if they were walking away…And Suzuki’s arm was flung across Henry’s back. I am dying to see that picture again! Do you own the book and if so, would you consider doing a fellow book lover an enormous favor by snapping a pic of that page and emailing it to me? (Unless I imagined this particular illustration…which I guess is entirely possible too!) Hope you’re having a great day — I’m glad I found your post :-)

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