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Hey, guys, I wrote a book! It’s for middle grade readers and it’s about a girl named Nina who on the first day of seventh grade discovers her best friend has dumped her for a cool new girl. Now Nina’s stuck sitting at the peanut-free table with the other food allergic kids, trying to figure out what to do about her social life, love life (or lack thereof) and family life (particularly how to deal with her mom, an overly-worried cookbook writer who creates recipes for people with food allergies).

My Year of Epic Rock is funny—not preachy, I promise—and you can check out an excerpt here.

P.S. My very nice review from the School Library Journal: “Nina is a likable character and her story feels authentic. A charming addition to upper elementary and middle school collections.”

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  1. Posted by: W Mom

    I’m hopeful that ‘sitting at the peanut-free table’ is not a put down. Please elaborate.

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    DEFINITELY not a put down. In the beginning, my main character has some of her own embarrassment at feeling different and therefore doesn’t want to be part of the peanut-free table but (I promise!) she figures it out and the kids there are super cool and never the butt of jokes. (I’ve got a kid with food allergies so I thought a lot about this group as I was working on the book).

  3. Posted by: Andrea

    Also I’m going to add the review from the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL for you to check out, if you’re interested:

    Gr 5-9–

    Nina is excited for the start of seventh grade. She is planning many adventures with her best friend, Brianna. Unfortunately, the first day of school proves to be anything but epic. Brianna has become best friends with a new girl and spends most of her time ignoring Nina. With nary a friend in sight, Nina is forced to sit at the peanut-free lunch table with peers who also have food allergies. These are the people Nina and Brianna used to mock, so it is somewhat discomfiting to be with the “outcasts” all of a sudden. As seventh grade progresses, Nina learns all about the highs and lows of making new friends as they prepare for the school talent show. Nina is an exasperated tween who doesn’t want to put up with her family’s coddling when it comes to her food allergies. She feels the push and pull of her relationship with Brianna and it frustrates her. Fortunately, Nina is brave and at times, pragmatic, and recognizes she deserves to be treated better. With food allergies becoming commonplace for many kids, Nina’s struggles will hit the right note with readers. Pyros does not break new ground with these middle school struggles, but Nina is a likable character and her story feels authentic. A charming addition to upper elementary and middle school collections.

    –Sarah Wethern, Douglas County Library, Alexandria, MN

  4. Posted by: christian

    Your book sounds great! Food allergies are real, but ignoring that our society can get a bit obsessed with them is like ignoring the elephant in living room. I have a niece in 7th grade – just starting at a new school- I will look for this for her.

  5. Posted by: Andrea

    Awesome, hope she likes the book (and more importantly, her new school).

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