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My twin boys learned how to read in kindergarten last year. Max started reading to himself right away. For Emmett, it was a struggle and a battle. All my subtle encouragements to read on his own were rejected. Any pressure, ended up in major resistance and the dreaded whining.

I was getting worried until one day in the car, I heard Emmett trying to sound out ‘lasagne’. Garfield to the rescue! Emmet was reading in the the Garfield book and cracking himself up. It is the perfect amount of text for a six year old with a bonus of a good laugh at the end.

photo 2

Now my kids are avid readers…Thanks Garfield!

Next up: Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes!


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  1. Posted by: Michelle

    I’m intrigued! My five year old son would probably dig Garfield too…which titles do your guys like? Thanks!

  2. Posted by: Jen miller

    Hi we bought a bunch of books used on amazon. My kids really like the color ones so ‘Garfield Bigger Than Life’ was perfect. The 2002 edition is in full color. We also recently got the ‘Complete Peanuts 1973 to 1974’. It is bw but great! Happy reading!

  3. Posted by: Laurie

    Thanks for this great idea! I LOVED Garfield as a kid, and I bet my son will, too.

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