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I would say it’s been at least two years now that our daughter will get strep around every other month. We’re so used to it, that she can tell if her throat feels “streppy”, and I can usually tell just by the way her voice sounds. We’ve tried everything–from seeking out the “only sold in England” homeopathic remedy, where you give them a spoonful of a very diluted remedy, every third week in cold season…to all manner of supplements that cost an arm and a leg, and maybe kept up her immunity in other areas…but still, nothing worked for strep.

Then a couple of months ago my husband had tennis elbow, and went to a new acupuncturist, who gave him a box of this Chinese herbal formula, Liu Shen Wan, which amongst other things, is good for strep and other throat conditions. You take out 8-10 little tiny “pills” and have them swallow them with water. (They are super tiny and crush in your finger–so it isn’t something hard to swallow.) At the first sign of any sore throat we have given her this 3 times the first day, and by the second day, there was no sore throat. This has happened at least three times since we got the remedy—so far, so good. I’m hoping that this will be the case going through the fall and winter–the acupuncturist told my husband that she used this with her kids and it worked like magic.



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  1. Posted by: Keri

    Really?! People don’t vaccinate their children when there is a preponderance of good scientific evidence behind it but they will give them tiny pulls of who knows what with the listed ingredients of antidote? Give me a break.

  2. Posted by: tina

    Wow, I didn’t know these pills still exist. I remember my mother giving them to me when I had a sore throat.

  3. Posted by: Ruth

    Looking at that list of ingredients off the link product is not something I’d be keen to use to be honest!

  4. Posted by: Babou


    naval secretions of musk deer; musk
    cattle gallstone; bezoar
    toad venum, toad venom

    These are the ingredients of those little tiny pills. I find it disgusting. I guess the placebo effect is just a very powerfull thing.

    Still… if it works for you…

  5. Posted by: Holly

    we used to take this when we were kids. they did miracles!

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