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If you’re shopping for eye glasses and haven’t heard of Warby Parker, you should check out this smart company and their home try-on program.  Here’s how it works:  From their website, you select five pairs of glasses from a pretty wide selection of shapes and colors.  Warby Parker then sends you five try-on pairs and you make your selection in the privacy of your own home–making as many embarrassing mirror faces as you want, getting feedback from your spouse or friends, and not feeling the pressure from the Cohen’s Fashion Optical clerk to pick the teal frames.  You send the samples back with a pre-paid label and order your pair online.  Each pair of prescription lenses (or sunglasses with polarized lenses) is only $95, which, honestly, is what an object that will most likely be lost, scratched or broken within a year or so should cost.  Added perk–for every pair you buy, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need.


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  1. Posted by: TrishO

    I recently bought a gift card for my sister from them. Tey were great to work with. When she used her gift card sh found the process fun and easy. Her final selection glasses look wonderful and cool, seem to be a very nice quality, and have held up well so far. I will be ordering my next pair of glasses from them.

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