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A friend of mine was rushed to the ER because of kidney stones. The doctor said that dehydration was the cause. (They also recommended adding lemon to the water as a means of kidney stone prevention.) I realize that I have trouble remembering to drink as much water as I should. I imagine lots of moms do–we make sure our kids drink water and eat breakfast and forget to do it ourselves. I started filling two bottles of water each day and placing them right in front of the my computer, so that I can’t miss them. I down them quickly and have more water in a regular glass with meals. Not such a news flash, we all know the benefits of water, but one more way to help make sure we get our daily quota.

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  1. Posted by: Mish

    I bought one of those lovely water bottles via your recommendation and love it. This post will spur me on to even better hydration. Thank you!

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