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We’ve tried everything…to keep the mosquitos away, and then to keep us from itching the bites, because nothing actually worked to keep them away. When we visited Maine earlier this summer, we stopped by the Avena Botanical Gardens, which is such an amazing biodynamic herbal farm. We picked up some Buzz-B-Gone, which is an oil that you rub on your hands and then onto your exposed areas, even in your hair…it isn’t really oily and heavy on your skin, and it doesn’t smell like calendula. My friend Steve likes it so much sometimes he even just puts it on–and he gets tons of compliments on it. I swear! When we put it on, we just don’t get bit. But sometimes I walk out into our yard and forget to put it on, and then I need Itch-Ease, a spray on formula that seriously takes away the desire to itch.

If you’re in the Rockport area, it is so worth visiting the farm. It’s also worth familiarizing yourself with the other products they have—they even have a line just for children. And look out for the article on the garden in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living!


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