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A couple of weeks ago my daughter was swinging fast and hard on the monkey bars. It was hot, and she was sweaty, and then the inevitable—a hard fall, first landing on her butt, and then forward onto her forehead. I was really worried after she kept complaining about how much her head hurt, and that she was a little dizzy. When I called our doctor, he told me not to worry, and to give her the homeopathic remedy, Arnica, in the 200 strength. Arnica is good for trauma, bruising, and swelling. He said to give her one pellet that night, and then one the next day. And to keep it on hand for future big falls. Call it a placebo effect if you like, but it seemed to work!


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  1. Posted by: ritu

    I’ll just put in my two cents — I don’t think it is a placebo effect, Arnica really works. My best anecdote: When my eldest daughter was about 18 months or so, she was playing with a huge bag that obscured her view and she went right over the edge of the stairs, tumbling down a flight and hitting the ceramic tiled landing. I flew down after her and saw that she had a huge protrusion on her forehead that was turning 4 shades of purple. We gave her some Arnica, then headed out for the scheduled party that day. By the time we arrived, 20 minutes later, the bump was completely gone and her forehead showed the faintest remnant of a bruise. That sold me, forever and always.

  2. Posted by: Ann Faison

    I think this exemplifies one of the many contrasts between east and west coasts. On the west coast, Arnica is not considered alternative. It’s pretty mainstream along with Chamomile, for calming an especially upset child, and Calendula for cuts or abrasions. Homeopathic remedies are not going to always work for everyone. The remedy has to be the right match for the person and everyone is different. But Arnica is considered fail safe for contusions. Out here anyway.

  3. Posted by: Ella

    I first used Arnica under the direction of my midwife (in Tennessee) after the 30 hour labor of my first child. It was a huge help & now I carry it in my diaper bag/purse @ all times.

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