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We are in love with the charms from this company Altruette. First of all, they make the cutest charms and charm bracelets for girls, at totally appropriate price points for how nice they are. (The bracelet is $20, a charm is $15.) Each charm is connected to a cause, so when you give or buy a charm, there’s a story connected to it, and you’re also giving $1 towards it. Example–the butterfly charm is connected to the National Park Foundation, the ice skating charm to the Special Olympics…They also have adult versions in gold and silver, and for those charms, 50% of their net profit goes to the causes that are connected to each charm. Such a great graduation or birthday present idea, especially to have a grandparent get into giving, so they can have a go-to very special gift, without having to fret over what to get them.

Correction: The sweet folks at another charm company, Charm It, got in touch with me to let me know that the watermelon and the socks charms are actually not from Altruette, but from Charm It. This is what happens when you don’t ask your daughter, and make assumptions as you write a post, at 6am. Sorry everyone! 


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  1. hey neato, my sister does some work for them! good stuff. hi 5 from oregon.

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