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I have been advocating knife purchases for children for sometime (see my post from last year.) Usually I advise finding some vintage model in your local flea market that has some history or patina—one that is a bit worn down and dull that can’t cause too much damage or carnage. Well, if fleas aren’t your thing or you have just come up empty on your search and you are still looking for the
first pocket knife to give your kid look no further. The French knife manufacture Opinel has solved the problem with Mon Premier Opinel (My First Opinel). This knife has all the classic styling that I love from the original—wooden handle, locking steel blade—but is lacking one thing – the sharp pointed end. They have conveniently rounded the end to prevent any unexpected puncture wounds. C’est genial! The blade is definitely legit and sharp—still the perfect choice for whittling or slicing up saucisson on those family picnics.

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  1. Posted by: Katie

    I love this! We’re Opinel fans (I’ve got Opinel kitchen knives and my husband has a couple of their pocket knives) but this is the first I’ve heard of this one. Our son is barely 4 and not ready for his own knife yet, but I have to admit that I’ve got a bit of a romantic vision of him with his very own special knife. There’s a picture book we have called, ‘Pocketful of Cricket’, and the story begins with an illustration depicting the main character, a 6 year old boy named Jay, dressed in a big hat and torn overalls, whittling away on his front porch. To me it’s just the epitome of, “boy”.

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