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How many coffee mugs can one person take? For those teachers who spend day after day tirelessly shepherding, teaching, and entertaining our kids, I wonder if they ever roll their eyes at the same-old gifts that come across their desks at the end of the year. So I asked my friend Wendy Brown what her plan was. The mom of three and founder of online paper goods boutique, Brown Ink Paper Goods, is an ace at gifting.

Ultimately, I think the best gift a teacher can receive—so my mother-in-law and retired school teacher of 35 years believes—is a written note from a student. I’m going to have my kids use their best handwriting on a great card and mention a few highlights from the year, basically what made their year so special,” she says. Done. So darn simple that I can’t believe I haven’t had my daughters make teacher cards before. If I’ve learned anything from Mother’s Day, a signed crayon “you and me” portrait from my preschooler, or a very honest card from my kindergartner learning to write is the best kind of gift.

I’ve also got my eye on these “You Rule” stationery sets which I’m going to pair with the teacher cards from my kids, and I may add a few more of these tasteful teacher-y items to go along with:

You Rule Noteset

Library Cards

Abecedary Notebook

Book Stamp


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  1. I’m buying the library cards NOW! I came across an old box in our school library and someone almost threw them out; I just about cried. Why would I feel so strongly about something so rudimentary?

  2. Posted by: Jo

    Thank you for this tip and the cute stationery set+paper goods! I’m hopping over to take a closer look now. :-)

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