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I will make a confession here: I look forward to a Father’s Day gift. I know the reality is that it’s really from my wife, not my child—and I know she has a lot on her plate, and finding a gift can be a big pain in the ass. Especially a gift for me. But even if we dads may not seem to put a lot of importance on this day (personally, I do not hide the fact that I do, and I want “my day” filled with cold beer and lots of fishing), a nice present will be very appreciated. Here are 10 gift ideas that I’d love to get, along with a day filled with cold beer and fishing.

1. A bottle of dad’s favorite booze (for summer I like gin, Hendrick’s or Plymouth)

2. A proper shave at the local barber shop

3. Any tote or bag from Archival Clothing

4. A silver belt buckle or key fob

5. A Victorinox rosewood handle boning knife

6. George Jensen wall clock

7. A tie from The Hillside

8. A pocket square from Chance (pictured above, available from their pop-up shop only, not online)

9. A ribbon watch band or tie bar from J. Press

10. Supima boxers or briefs from Brooks Brothers

(Matthew Hranek is the author of the blog The William Brown Project.)


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  1. On my way to the liquor store! Thank you for giving us a perspective that almost NEVER gets airtime.

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