As you might gather from our extensive food coverage, we are big believers in never wasting a meal. We spend a lot of time and energy on packed lunches (yes, we eat together most days and alternate lunch preparation) that we can get excited about. The food options near our office are depressing and expensive, and what else is there but lunch to anchor a day! Lately—though we are gals who can eat most guys we know under the table—we’ve been keen on the hearty winter salad and figuring out ways to make them a meal unto themselves. The following is a kale and fennel salad with garbanzo bean, avocado and a poached egg and our beloved lemon vinaigrette.

Make sure you chop kale finely. This is the key, in our opinion, to the raw kale salad. Use a mandolin to shave fennel (a bulb), as shown below, or a chop finely.

Toss with a quarter cup or so of grated manchego (or any hard-ish cheese like parmesan or pecorino), garbanzo beans (I used canned here), avocado if you have one on hand, though just about anything like carrots, artichokes, or cucumbers would be nice here. And of course, a vinaigrette of minced garlic, mustard, olive oil, and lemon. I did this with poached egg, though any protein, like canned tuna or leftover roasted chicken would be nice here.


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