I may be gluten intolerant, but I’m also intolerant to buying too many gluten free products, because I usualy find them to be too expensive, and not all that great. So when I do find something that is actually worth it (read: even the gluten lovers like it so nobody is compromising), I get very excited. Our friend Liana had us over for dinner the other night, and served her cheese with these crackers, which were stellar. We especially loved the sweet potato ones from Polka Dot, but the other Crackerbred are really nice too.


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  1. Posted by: Rachel

    My favorite GF crackers are Blue Diamond nut thins:

    I really like the almond and pecan – they go great with different cheeses, hummus or just solo! Not crazy about the flavored varieties, but the others are fantastic. Also, they are inexpensive – about $2.50 / box.

  2. Posted by: Laura

    Yes! The pecan thins are amazing. I’m not gluten free and I prefer them over regular crackers. Worth a try!

  3. Glutino are my favorites; both the sea salt and the Rosemary varieties.

  4. Posted by: meaghan young

    Just found best gluten-free, nut-free, soy free, dairy free bread at Costco. Actually tastes like bread! From the Essential BakingCompany. 2 loaf pack for $7.99.

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