There’s a chain of great department stores in Switzerland called Globus, which has grocery and wine stores on the lower level. My favorite items are their  to-go pizzas, which have been partially cooked, then cryovaced so that they reheat perfectly at home in the oven. These aren’t just any pizzas, though: They are topped with a clever range of local cheeses and seasonal vegetables. Delicious! Someone needs to do this in the U.S. Wegman’s, Whole Foods– are you reading this??!!


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  1. Posted by: Beth Manalo-LaManna

    while visiting a friend in Zurich last spring I was introduced to Globus. We were looking for a simple no-fuss lunch. Their downtown Zurich location also has an upscale food court with freshly prepared salads and different ethnic food – it was superb! If Wegmans (or any other food chain) is listening please remember to include this as well!

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