I think my husband should have made last night’s dinner tonight–grilled steak over arugula salad, with fries. Not that we’re big on Valentine’s Day (I mean as a couple we’re not, as parents, yes!), but there’s just something about serving fries at home that feels special. I’ve had very successful sweet potato fries from the oven–but is that because we don’t expect that much from them? Regular potato fries have never worked when we’ve made them at home unless the deep fryer comes out. Until last night, when we had the Trader Joe’s fries. They were so perfect–not soggy, crispy on the edges. As good as you’d get in a restaurant. So if you’re looking for a way to up the dinner excitement tonight for your Valentine/Valentines, consider decanting the ketchup, and doing a bag of fries. Whatever else you serve it with is just gravy.


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  1. Thanks for the tip! Of course I’m all about Trader Joes… and fries… so what could be better than the two combined? And everyone knows it’s too much work to do homemade fries.

  2. Posted by: Ayanna

    Best. Fries. Ever! We discovered them in the Chicago TJ about 2 weeks ago and my girls can’t get enough. I think I serve them at least 3 days a week! Finally, a piece I can co-sign on!

  3. Why am I not surprised?? There’s nothing Trader Joe’s can’t do! I’ll be trying these out ASAP!

  4. Posted by: Mary Beth

    Very interesting! Now I’m curious–am going to have to try these! Love the idea of an at-home steak and frites!

  5. Posted by: tracy

    You have to try the garlic fries….you’ll be hooked, trust me!!!!!!

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