My husband is a kitchen bully. This is just in his makeup–his mom is one, his aunts are…he grew up in a loud, large Italian family (his mom was one of 11) in upstate NY, and they are in the diner business. So he thinks he knows everything. Since he is cooking most of the time, that is fine by me—if he’s cooking, he can show off. But if I’m cooking, I don’t need a critique along the way. Now, the one thing we always argue about is parchment. He insists it is the only way to cook vegetables. No stick, no cleanup. He actually just yelled out “Always use parchment when you’re roasting veg. Clean up is easy, and they crisp up better.” I always used to forget, and would have to soak the roasting pan overnight to be able to clean up the caramelized bits that were stuck on. But now, it’s been about 18 years of hearing the rule, and I have finally caught on. And I guess I finally agree that it’s the right way to roast. Do you?




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  1. Posted by: bethia

    I use my silpat

  2. Posted by: Jenn Tendero

    My roasting pans are so beat up after cooking for a large family, I don’t even bother with the parchment. Silpat for baking, bare pan and lots of olive oil for roasting vegetables. Plus, the bits that stick to the pan after roasting are my favorite.

  3. Posted by: Sarah

    I’ve read that bare roasting pans (like cast iron skillets) will season the vegetables so I forgo parchment or foil.

  4. Posted by: Maressa

    I agree that parchment is the way to go, crispy veg and such easy clean up!

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