The soursop might just be the best tasting fruit we’ve ever had–super sweet, amazing texture…but apparently the leaves when made into a tea are a real miracle. At least this is what they say in Antigua, where we just learned about them. Apparently they just boil the leaves in water and make a tea, and they drink it for many reasons: they give it to a restless baby who can’t sleep, and it knocks the baby out for the night; they drink it for stress and it calms them down; and everyone said they drink it because it is cancer-fighting. Of course, if you look that part up online, there are many sites saying that part is a hoax, but I’ll go for it if just for the sleeping and stress part. I didn’t bring any home, mostly because I thought it would be weird to take leaves off the hotel’s soursop bushes, but I just looked online and you can buy the leaves from Amazon, and many other sources.

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