skyr yogurt

I was in a Whole Foods yesterday in Maine, picking up some food to eat in the car for the drive home, and I saw this yogurt called Skyr which I hadn’t seen before (we don’t have a Whole Foods in Brooklyn, so I rarely ever make it to one). I had little to no expectations, since it was non-fat, and I haven’t had much luck with really good tasting non-fat yogurts. Well, it was great—creamy, no chalky aftertaste. My daughter kept asking for more and said it tasted like ice cream. Well, I wouldn’t go that far…


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  1. Posted by: Steph

    I love this yogurt! Skyr is originally from Iceland, and I have been missing it ever since I had it there over ten years ago.
    You should also try the Greek Yogurt bars from Yasso, especially raspberry is delicious, and no icky ingredients.

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