When my son was born, I found myself making a quick transition from coffee-as-pleasure into coffee-as-fuel.

I had, at one time, enjoyed the act of waking up, putting on a pot of water, prepping my french press, and at least quietly considering the day ahead. With baby, I no longer cared about the provenance of the beans, the style of roast, or the method of preparation; what mattered most was that it effectively powered me through the first crucial moments of the day.

Now that my son is four, and waking up is met with his solo run to the bathroom, I’ve found myself reconnecting with coffee in a new way. I’m about a year in to giving up drip coffee and enjoying espresso only. Of course, that means a daily run to the coffee shop, but that investment has been rewarded with a better understanding of coffee and my own personal taste preferences.

In the process, I’ve uncovered a fantastic style of preparation called a “Shakerato.” It’s pretty simple: espresso shaken over ice with sugar. It’s froth, achieved wholly without milk, gives it the look of a properly foamed beverage, but it’s ice cold, quaffable jolt of potent coffee is precisely what I enjoy drinking in the summer heat of Charleston.

Brooks Reitz is an entrepreneur and restaurateur based in Charleston, SC. He has been recognized nationally for his work in the restaurant world and for his company, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., which produces small batch cocktail mixers for home and restaurant use. He writes about drinking “the good stuff,” and is the father to a crime-fighting 4-year old boy.


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  1. Posted by: Meena

    What a lovely idea for coffee! I also drink my coffee cold in the mornings. And since the birth of my son, my press has also been forgotten. I am going to try this!!

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