My favorite new dressing in a jar

Last summer our friends Matt and Bobby came over for dinner. Instead of the perfunctory bottle of wine, they brought a jar of delicious salad dressing with a story. Crane Crest’s Real French Dressing is a one-product venture with no web site, just a phone number, 617.277.1325. You simply leave a message with your address and phone number (just in case). They mail you the product ($18 for a case of six) with an invoice. The honor system, can you imagine? A cult WASP favorite among blue bloods like the Bushes, the ingredients are characteristically unfancy: corn oil, vinegar, garlic, onion, iodized salt, sugar, spices. I also marinated a very firm fish in it for an hour and threw it on the grill–divine. You can buy single units (but not online) from John Dewar.


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  2. Posted by: Anne OKeefe

    The real price is $27 a six pack, the price you quoted is 9 years old.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      whoops sorry about that anne. thank you for the update.

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