We were recently at our friend Cindy’s house for her daughter Scout’s 1st birthday. Her friend Bu made these really refreshing wine cocktails, that were so great, not just because of the taste, but also because they were light enough to not hit you so hard over the head. And while we didn’t get to the drink in time to capture it in its complete undrunk glory, trust us, it is nice looking as well.

Bu is calling this drink “Scout’s Honor”, and here’s how she made it.

(Decent) Rose wine (chilled)

Rose Lillet (chilled)


Flowering marjoram, sub marjoram with no flowers.

Proportions to taste—I started with 3 parts Rose to 1 part Lillet

Can be just a splash of Lillet if you don’t like the sweetness.

(Some Rose is dryer than others, I’m learning.)

The marjoram is key—one sprig per cocktail.

For Scout’s birthday I couldn’t find any flowering marjoram, but the first time I tried this they were really better, and complimented the herbs in the Lillet.

In a pinch you can substitute white Lillet, but it has a different herbal flavor and the finished color is only so-so.


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