While it may seem obvious to some, the idea of roasting all of your roast-able vegetables at once, so that we have a rainbow of reheatable nutrient-packed sides for family dinner (as well as lunch building blocks for yourself) was a revelation. Because, as we all know, protein is usually the easy part. We did a story in Martha  on it last month and finally decided to put the idea to the test. As you can see, we roasted beets, acorn squash, sweet potatoes and brussels. Everything got the same treatment: tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper, and a little thyme in the cases of beets and squash. Acorn squash got an additional sprinkling of parmesan cheese,which created a delicious crust. Everything roasts at 400. Parchment paper makes cleanup really easy.  Try it. It’s one of those little ideas that makes getting dinner on the table every night just that much  more manageable.


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  1. I mix and match a lot. Also, big staple here is roasted cauliflower.

  2. Posted by: TrishO

    We are big on Sunday roasting in our house. Onions, peppers, squash, sprouts, etc. I use all week and love it. We also roast a turkey breast on Sundays to have for dinner that night and then use the resf for kids’ lunch meat sandwiches that week. Great tip. Thanks.

  3. Posted by: Gillian

    Yes! I do this too and parchment paper is a godsend, don’t you agree?
    I recently discovered how delicious roasted red cabbage and radicchio are also – and now those are part of the regular roster (see here for more: along with broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, sweet potato, beets, parsnips and carrots.

  4. Posted by: Reynaul

    This is the best idea and for some reason, come Sundays I never think to do it! I am making a note now! Thanks!

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