Shake it up: In an attempt to escape the pasta and broccoli doldrums, I started playing Recipe Roulette with my kids at least once a week. I give them a few cookbooks, they close their eyes and randomly pick a recipe. I promise to cook it, they promise to eat it. Not just taste it. I’m excited that they will be trying new things and I’m game to challenge myself, but I’m a little concerned, for all parties, about the squab with liver and pancetta that they chose for tomorrow night. No joke. I might have to retroactively weasel a “chef’s refusal” into the rules of the game.


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  1. Posted by: Hannah Curry

    Wouldn’t it be easier to make something that the whole family likes rather than wasting time, money and food on something you are going to throw away? Now way will any kid eat squab and liver.

    • Posted by: Momfilter

      Hmm, it gets tricky to make pronouncements that “no kid will eat squab or liver”. My kid eats squab, and chicken and cow liver. But she won’t eat apples or grapes or pretty much any fruit.

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