This might be a no-duh for many of you, but here it goes: Whenever I am planning a dinner, I take pictures of recipes from my cookbooks so that when I go to the market, not only do I have my shopping list, but I also have a couple of backups in case I can’t find some of the ingredients I am looking for. Plus, then I have a digital archive of inspiring recipes in my phone for future reference when dinner menu amnesia strikes. Sure, there are easy ways to store recipes found online on your phone or computer, but I find I am still most inspired by cookbooks.


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  1. Posted by: Linda

    It is an excellent idea! I store mine in my Evernote account – along with scanned and online recipes. The recipes are tagged with keywords so they are easy to find. Best if all, they are ready to email to a friend when they request the recipe. No more writing recipes on index cards.

  2. Posted by: emily

    I’ve definitely done this as well. Have you tried the website I love my cookbooks and that site lets you make a list of the books you own and search across them by ingredient, etc. I also just started using it to keep track of recipes I’ve liked or want to try. It doesn’t have the recipes, just ingredient lists but it saves me time paging through books sometimes. Though I love paging through them when I have the time.

  3. Posted by: ritu

    Hi Pilar, While I do email recipes to my evernote account and save them in my email all the time, I rarely look at them while out shopping (i forget about them). Taking a photo works great and is available to you even if you are offline. I recently did this for our vacation, so I had the full text of the recipes I wanted to reference and didn’t have to lug the cookbooks with me!

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