Yolanda and her husband Matt make endless fun of me when it comes to my love affair with eggs. I poach eggs in any leftover tomato sauce and sop up the yokes with bread or warmed tortillas, I beat them into just-drained pasta to extend the life of scant sauce, I put soft-boiled eggs into salads and beans. The runnier the better. But until recently, I hadn’t seem them as a pizza topping outside of Italy (or my own kitchen) until I ordered a “Breakfast Pizza” at Pulino’s in NYC. This one has mushrooms and a robiola cheese, I believe. But what gives it its magic, is, of course, the runny egg on top.  If you are making pizza for dinner at home and wish for runny egg results, wait until a few minutes before the pizza is done to crack your eggs on top. I also think it makes for good oohs and ahhs as a brunch centerpiece.


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  1. Posted by: Carolyn

    YUM! I also adore eggs on just about anything. Do you have a good recipe for homemade pizza using store-bought dough that must be cooked?

  2. Posted by: Hannah

    I also have a love affair with runny eggs! Eggs on pizza sounds delicious. I am seriously going to try this.

  3. You are preaching to the choir. The world just does not have enough respect for eggs. I have the tome on the topic: “The Incredible Egg.” My girls took me to Pulino’s on Mother’s day last year for that pizza and it made my day. We should start a food blog just for eggs! Come by and say hello. I found you through a cup of jo.

  4. Posted by: Biscuit

    I absolutely adore eggs… However, throughout most of my life I thought I hated them… Well about a year ago my husband made me try a fried egg on a bagel. It was love at first bite and I haven’t turned back yet!

    I currently have 4 dozen eggs in my fridge because I found organic ones on sale!

    I literally could eat them at every single meal! Runny yolk goes with everything, am I right?!

    This post made me so happy. Perhaps I’ll have eggs for supper tonight! On pizza or in pasta sauce… Or maybe I’ll try your method of eating them with beans, I’ve not done that before but I’m sure I’ll love it!

    Happy Saturday! =)

  5. Posted by: marcaus

    Here in Australia we have had egg on pizza for generations. I remember as a growing teen (several decades ago now) regularly ordering an Aussie Pizza from the menu. Egg, ham, cheese, bacon! It is a regular fixture on most pizza shop menus. Getting hungry talking about it now!!! Well done for trying it.

  6. There is a great Italian place near me that makes an “Eggs in Purgatory” Pizza. Think a classic Fra Diavolo sauce with poached eggs on coal-fired pizza dough. Insanely good.

  7. Posted by: Carol

    I totally hungry for it :)

  8. Posted by: Kelly

    I’m with you – the runnier, the better. And I put them on salads, yolks and all. The thought of them on pizza has blown my mind!

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