During the summer, I spend so much time shuttling food outdoors (and we pretty much eat every meal outside when possible), that I really do fantasize about wearing roller skates to get the job done. It seems that none of my trays are big enough (in fact I don’t think one exists that is) to carry the large number of plates with sausages, sandwiches, or fill-in-the-blank grill outside. And then it hit me: a vision of those red baskets that you get at old-school hotdog and hamburger stands. They’re not quite disposable like paper plates, and somehow capture the spirit of the handheld summer food experience. I looked online and found some on the Crate & Barrel website. I’m sure there are fancier versions, but there is something totally nostalgic and great (if a little trashy) about these with a sheet of wax paper—especially when paired with a nice white sausage, a few spears of grilled asparagus, and a glass of Sancerre.


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  1. Posted by: Andrea

    This is extremely adorable but other than cuteness, do you feel like these are more practical than say, a plastic plate?

    Perhaps b/c nothing rolls off as easily? I am just wondering how to justify buying these for our household.

  2. Posted by: Julie

    If you can’t get to/don’t have a Crate and Barrel, try your local dollar store. We got them at the Dollar Tree – $1 for a pack of four. Now THAT you can probably justify! :)

  3. Posted by: Pilar Guzman

    Andrea-I like the fact small kids can carry them in and out on their own and, yes, not have their food roll off a plate. I also like that you can put wax paper liners in the baskets, which means you don’t have to wash them every time. You might even just stack them somewhere near the grill! I love the idea of finding them at a dime store or even at a restaurant supply, where they would probably be super cheap.

  4. Posted by: Andrea

    Thanks, Julie & Pilar.

    I can definitely justify the dollar store! Also, I know my kids would think they were *the shit* if they got to carry these all by themselves, so I’m on it.


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