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Yesterday I was at my brother’s house and asked if they had any coffee. He gave me an awkward smile and I was sure that meant they only had decaf. But no, it was because they are drinking this instant coffee, which they are in love with, but weren’t sure I would be into the idea. Well, it is fantastic! I had it hot, but he and his wife swear by the ice coffee—apparently it dissolves in cold water immediately. Time to stock up now.


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  1. Posted by: Michelle H.

    We have been HUGE fans of this coffee for years since we discovered it. I buy in buld for my inlaws who won’t drink anything else. This is coming from a family coffee snobs who otherwise only drink La Colombe. They also have decaf for those who want/need it as well as single sized servings – which are a MUST for us for all sorts of travel.

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