Recently we got our hands on some candy from the Organic Candy Factory. We opened up a bag of the fruit slice gummies in our office, and the whole day, colleagues came in and out asking for more. There’s something about the kind of sugar they use–it’s a bit more coarse than regular gummies, that makes it have just the right amount of crunch to chew. We also all noticed that none of us had stomach aches after consuming too many of them–which does happen when we eat regular versions of the same thing. The jelly beans are good, but it’s the gummies that are the stand-out. Next up we want to try the worms, but we’ll keep those at home to try with our kids.


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  1. Posted by: Joana

    The title is somewhat misleading: guilt-free gummies? Since they are loaded with sugar, I wouldn’t exactly call them guilt-free. They might be organic, but not guilt-free (since they can lead to sugar addiction, cavities, excess weight… that’s what sugar does). They look yummy, though. But then, don’t all gummies do?

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