The first time I saw Olivio at our Dutch friends’ house, I was shocked. I mean, these people like food–how could they have a plastic tub of butter substitute on their table?! Then I was at our friend Lisa’s, another friend who is very particular about food, and saw this in her fridge. I decided to see what the fuss was about….and well, it’s great. Then, my husband tried it, and now he’s crazy about it. It’s the best thing for toast in the morning, because it spreads so easily straight out of the fridge…and it also works great on a fast pasta that needs butter since it melts immediately. It tastes as good as any butter, and it has 70% less saturated fat.


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Comments (3)


  1. Posted by: Robin

    Hm..I’m intrigued…made with olive oil? And what else?

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      it’s in the link–but i did look at it and it all seems good!

  2. Posted by: Christine

    Yes! This stuff is great. I try to keep a tub in the fridge because it spreads so well.

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