I’m one of those people that gets on certain kicks–the vitamin kick, for example, which recurs with approximately the same frequency as the bootcut jean, is one that my husband likes to poke fun at. To be fair, he tends to take issue with the passing fancies that hog precious cupboard or drawer space in our kitchen. My latest obsession, all greens juice, has resulted in a recent purchase of the Breville combo juicer-blender. At $689 (though I just found one gently used for $499), it was admittedly a fortune, and one that I am usually loathe to pay. Remember it’s a two-in-one appliance. If you have room for both juicer and blender, the Breville juicer is considerably less, starting at $229. And if you consider the cost of an all-greens juice at my local health food store–$6 for a small!–I figure I will be money ahead by fall.  I am totally smitten and it was a combo birthday, anniversary, and early Mother’s Day present. The other advantage is that it will help you use your wilting produce just in the knick of time. I’ve been getting my kids to drink an (almost) all-greens juice a day. Apples, ginger lemons cut the bitterness of the greens nicely. I let them throw things in while the machine is on which gives them even greater incentive to like and try our various combos. My new favorite combo is kale, spinach, parsley, apple, lemon, ginger.


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  1. Posted by: Suzanne

    Great idea. Will you post some green recipes?

  2. Posted by: Salma

    I love love love my Breville Elite juicer! Try making your juices with cucumber too it makes it so much more delicious! Have you seen the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”?

  3. Posted by: Mary Beth

    We have a basic Breville juicer that my mom found for me for cheap at the Williams Sonoma outlet. I didn’t want anything too fancy and this does what I want: green juice. My boys love what we call “green lemonade”: cucumber, kale, a head of romaine, lemon, and 1 or 2 apples. Delish! Also, have you seen the movie “Crazy, Sexy, Cancer”? Lots of green juicing inspiration there.

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