There are some mornings (like when you first turn the clocks back in the fall and you think “I’m going to get up early like this every day”) that I feel as if I am slightly ahead of the game. Rare as this is, that’s when I try to make one or two little things while I’m cooking breakfast to get a jump on dinner. In this case, I sauteed a couple of onions so that I could use them for pasta or whatever and hard-boiled a couple of eggs to bring to work. It’s amazing what it a relief it is to have an already sauteed onion ready to go–because sometimes it’s the mere prospect of peeling and chopping an onion can make the difference between a home-cooked meal and take-out.


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  1. Posted by: Meena

    Oh I understand your view perfectly! I like doing some things ahead too- in the morning and on weekends. I usually soak and cook some chickpeas and store it in the fridge along with peeled garlic so that I can blitz some hummus on a busy day.

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