After four decades of eating like teenage boys, we making some attempts to curb the carb intake in an attempt to be good. One of our favorite tricks is to turn a scrumptious sandwich favorite, such as the BLT, into a lettuce wrap protein setup. Simply wrap a piece of bacon and tomato with a mayo slathered piece of lettuce. Then have another. It’s cleaner if not saintly. The new motto is: Sometimes you have to be a little good to be a little bad.


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  1. Posted by: Tara Gase

    Love it! I do this with turkey and cheese a lot too. Mostly because I am too lazy/busy to make myself an actual sandwich.

  2. After a year of being gluten free, I still crave a sandwich like nobody’s business! And I swear it’s because I want a smear of mayo. This solves my dilemma!

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