veg stock

I get very cranky when I waste food. And it seems like I’ve always got a broccoli stalk or some vegetable that I either won’t use, or can’t get to before it will go bad. So my new thing is to keep a bag in the freezer, where I toss all vegetables that can be used in a stock. When the bag gets full, I make a stock, saving myself the cost of buying the stock, and the waste on the food. It’s pretty win-win.


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  1. Posted by: Tina

    I have the same cranky issue…what a great idea!

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Thanks for that Tara–will have a look right now!

  2. Posted by: Susan

    This is a great old trick that the More with Less cookbook also suggests – thanks for reminding me of it!

  3. Posted by: Lisa

    I learned this tip from a knife skills class I took at Brooklyn Kitchen. I haven’t bought any stock since then plus my soups taste so much better. You really can taste the difference. I also never through away a rotisserie chicken carcass, makes great chicken stock too.

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